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MADASCARENES creates exclusive experiences and

journeys through the islands of the Indian Ocean.

We cater for discerning guests looking for total disconnection and extraordinary adventures.

Based in the heart of the Indian Ocean, our team of internationally renowned specialists is our key to bringing you best of this region of the world. The genesis of a volcanic eruption at the Piton de la Fournaise, going head to head with a giant tortoise in Aldabra in the Seychelles, meeting the lemurs of Ranomafana in Madagascar, diving on the coral reefs of the Canal du Mozambique : so many thrills that we want you to experience...

At your own pace, alone, as a couple, with family or friends but always according to your aspirations, feed us your dreams and prepare yourself for unexpected emotions.


Christophe CAUMES, founder

« My roots are in the heart of the Indian Ocean. I am what is called a Yab because I was born on the heights of Reunion Island at the foot of the Piton de La Fournaise volcano.

Thanks to my parents, my childhood curiosity is satisfied by Nature and all that it can bring me in terms of wonders, remedies, experiences...

It is this that opened the way for me to become a mountain guide, climbing and canyoning instructor. It's still the mountain that calls me to work alongside scientists of all kinds, film-makers and major magazines to guide them, to study it and to sublimate it in its most inaccessible corners. It naturally led me to the National Park of Reunion Island where I worked for the inscription of the Pitons, Cirques and Remparts on the UNESCO list of natural World Heritage sites. Ten years later, having become an agent of the Ministry of the Environment, I am still as intoxicated by all these beautiful expeditions on the trail of animals or plants presumed to have disappeared.

Relying on a solid international network of scientific and naturalist friends as well as on my thirst to transmit my passion for Nature and History of Indian Ocean's islands, I created MADASCARENES.»

+262 (0) 692 449 197

Sarah CAUMES, co-founder

« I define myself as a girl of world. My childhood was made up of travel and openness to others thanks to my parents who were passionate about travel, art and history. I grew up in Mayotte at the rhythm of the school benches where I was one of the only white girls for whom the call of the Mouedzine meant the departure for almost daily dives with my parents... I spent my teenage years in Vanuatu (formely the "New Hebrides") in the Pacific Ocean in heart of an archipelago of more than 80 islands full of wild nature and mysticism. I lived in Australia for a year to perfect my English and then joined my parents in Reunion Island. This is where I met Christophe...

After a degree in foreign languages and tourism, I became a social worker and dedicated myself to the most disadvantaged. MADASCARENES is for me an evidence : ecotourism, the real one, is one of the solutions to pass on to our children a living planet with happy men and women.

Parents of two children, whom we awaken to respect the wonders of nature and mankind, we intend to participate in the creation of a new model, a new approach to travel: experiential, responsible, and participatory. »



Choosing MADASCARENES means committing

to live an experience that is pure, ethical, civic-minded

and fully aware of the challenges and threats facing

the last sanctuaries on our planet.

Convinced that a living nature enhances human happiness and artistic creativity,

5% of the total cost of your stay is donated to a local research,

conservation of development project.

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madascarenes PARTNERS

Our close relationships with renowned scientists, managers of protected natural areas,

heritage conservationists and some village communities will allow you to experience privileged and authentic moments.

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