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NATURE & wild life

" Experience a new morning in the world every day. "

Experience the nocturnal laying of green turtles on a beach in the Mozambique Channel, the singing of lemurs in a forest in Madagascar, and a return to prehistory in Aldabra.

Escape to the active volcano of Piton de La Fournaise, to the maze of the Tsinguys of Bemarha, to the heart of the coral reefs of the Comoros.

Mangrove swamps, tropical jungle, volcanic desert, inaccessible waterfalls, are all wonders that the nature of the Indian Ocean reveals only to the passionate.

Discover and explore!

Share the daily life of modern-day explorers and scientists who devote their lives to the study and protection of a species, an ecosystem or a page of human history.

Finance research, conservation or local development programmes and become ambassadors of the Indian Ocean's heritage.

Organise expeditions into unknown territory in search of forgotten species or new discoveries. Make history!

Lemurien - Madascarenes
Etudes des tortues - Madascarenes

some of our MADASCARENES's experts

Matthieu Le Corre

Docteur of Ecology et Biology
Rare birds specialist

Vincent Boullet

Phytosociologist and Ethnobotanist

Lily Rene de Roland Harrison

Doctor of Biology
Director of Peregrine Found


Anthropologist and primatologist
Lemur specialist
Founder of Valvio Center in Madagascar


President of Madagascar Primate Group
President of International Primatological Society 

Ah Peng

Doctor in Biology
Specialist in vegetal ecology
University of Reunion island