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The story of the mornings of the world


« (…) Others have called it the island of Eden, (….), because its beauty and goodness can make it seem like a great earthly paradise… ». 

Henri du Quesne, 1669

Fire, water, air, earth and light create the genesis of a new world in Reunion. A volcano island dominating the Indian Ocean from the top of its 3,000 meters, its tormented relief with steep ramparts, tapered ridges and mysterious cirques make it unique.

The incandescent lava of Reunion Island has built a land on the ocean where the first lines of life are written. From a blade of lichen, natural environments with multiple landscapes and a luxuriant and singular biodiversity will be born. 

Untouched by any human presence four hundred years ago, the island has become a crossroads of interbreeding, a condensation of the peoples, religions and cultures of the Indian Ocean.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its landscapes, its biodiversity and its traditional music, Reunion Island is nonetheless a fragile Eden that must be protected.

La Réunion - Madascarenes
Maloya - Madascarenes
Case créole - Madascarenes



Christophe Caumes

His roots are anchored in the heart of the Indian Ocean, at the foot of the Piton de la Fournaise volcano.


Growing up in a rural environment, his childhood curiosity was satisfied by Nature and all that it could bring him in terms of wonder, remedies, experiences...


Now a mountain guide and canyoning instructor, Christophe accompanies scientists of all kinds, film-makers and major magazines across the island.


Thanks to his experience with UNESCO for the inscription of the Pitons, Cirques and Remparts of Reunion Island on the list of natural World Heritage sites, he will help you discover a Reunion Island of natural proportions.

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